This page is a resource for finding the stuff you need to make my projects. Some of the links are Amazon Affiliate links as indicated, and when you purchase through those links, you are helping me stay alive and create more content for you. It doesn't even matter if you end up buying something else, it will still help me out. Thanks! 




9mm EVA foam

Shock Athletics Foam Mat 7mm

This is a 4ft by 8ft  EVA mat. It is approx 7mm thick. The link here is to the one I bought at Canadian Tire, however I have seen these by different brands in other places as well. Let me know if you find one and I will add it to the list.

Anti-Fatgue Foam Mat


I have not tried this mat, but it looks like the closest thing to the mat I used for the Dive Helmet and the Viking Helmet available in the U.S.A. Comes in a nice 4 x 8 foot sheet.


2mm EVA foam


81/2" x 11"

2mm EVA foam 


12" x 18"

Here are some larger sheets of craft foam, They have white and black, but I am recommending white, as with black there is the temptation not to give proper coverage with your black paint, and then the metallic paste doesn't go on as nicely.

2mm EVA foam roll

This I the type of foam I used for the Pirate Hat project.


12mm EVA foam 



Rub 'n Buff Metallic Wax Paste

DecoArt Metallic Lustre Wax Paste

Liquitex Basics Bronze Paint

This is the paint I used for the dive helmet project. I did two coats of black paint and then rubbed it on the same way I use Rub N' Buff. Though it says bronze on the bottle, it is quite a copper colour.


Grumbacher Acrylic Paint

Windsor & Newton

Acrylic Paint

DecoArt Metallic Lustre Gold Rush



Quick Set 2 part epoxy

This is the type of epoxy I have used for making rivets.


Cutting Supplies

Jewellers Saw

I love my jeweller's saw, it comes in really handy for many non jewellery related tasks!

Scalpel Handle with Blades

Set of 12 Punches for leather or foam

Other Bits 'n Pieces

Mod Melts

Used in Mod mods 

Mod Melt Molds

This is the mold I used for my Mod Mold Tutorial. The picture on the Amazon site is slightly different than this, but according to the comments, it is actually the right mold.