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Here are some emails I have received from my customers...

My 12 year old asked me to purchase the plans for the plague mask.  He said it would be a good project for the two of us.  I was leary, but relented.We built the mask and had a ball working on it together.  I think it turned out pretty good, but the important thing was the fun we had together. Thanks! - Larry

Our first attempt at goggles! My son has asked to create an adventurer alchemist costume so we are slowly creating. Maybe I'll be done by Halloween, however, I don't think he is only interested in it for Halloween! Thank you for this awesome and simple pattern! - Emily

I just wanted to send along a photo of our completed project and say THANK YOU! for making such an awesome, easy to use pattern. I know we’ll be following more of your tutorials in the future! - Natasha

Thank you for the fantastic pattern! Perfect hats for my girls's Halloween costumes!- Melissa

I am OVER THE MOON!! I still have a few small details I want to add like another tube connecting disc stack w the funnel but over all I say you are an amazing artist and teacher!!! Thank you! I didn't have to cut lenses I just glued the lenses as they were inside the eyehole. I'll send you a pic of the whole costume once it's finished!! Thanks again!! - Lisa and Mark

Thanks so much for the epic patterns. You projects have made my son and I do more fun things together!! - Oxfurd

Top hat Purchase. I think it the transaction completed for the top hat today.  Thank you for the advice, because I have been wanting your patterns for months. Please keep creating, because no one has any patterns as well thought out as yours are. There are a lot of patterns people make, and if I wanted cheesy I would have bought them, but that's not the look I was going for. Thank you! I'm not done shopping, so I hope the other transactions go as smoothly as this one did.- Jody

Thanks so much for the awesome pattern! I had so much fun making a little top hat for my... goose. Yes, I dress my concrete lawn goose for all occasions, and you'd better believe she is the best dressed goose you've ever seen! Please excuse my weirdness. Here is "Erma" in her St. Patrick's Day top hat. Once again, thanks for providing me with hours of hat making fun made doable by your super sweet patterns! -Melissa

Here's a photo of the goggles my girlfriend and I made! She wears them every chance she gets. I think she digs the weird looks she gets from old mid western bar patrons.Next up is the huge top hat I think.Thanks again. - Jhon


You asked to see the fruits of our labor with your pattern, so here are mine.  I'll give the quick background as well:

The school my wife works at has a game-show like day to show the parents how much the kids have learned in the quarter.  All the kids are broken into teams and each team is given a question from what they have been learned.  The "winning" team gets a pizza lunch at some later date.  Each grade level is a different theme.  Second grade is "Under the Sea."  My wife asked me to help out by being the game leader and reading questions.  All participants and guests are encouraged to dress the part.  My first turn at leader, I wore swim fins and goggles, and was planning do do so again last week.  I mentioned to my wife how I thought the kids would get a kick out of it if I could wear a diving costume.  I told her I had looked up the cost of a costume, but it would more than I thought was justifiable (more than $150 for the helmet alone).  She told me to google making one.  That is how we found your site.  

After watching your video, she said she thought we could do it.  So we purchased the plans (actually got all of them - we might need a space helmet next year....).  We (and I really mean she - my wife did almost all of the cutting, gluing and painting) used a 5mm yoga mat I got at Walmart.  It was really floppy, and the finished product is easily "dentable."  But the dents push back out and it holds it shape pretty well.  It was also really dimpled, which in the end gave it a really neat antiqued look.  

So...we cut out the paper pattern on Sunday.  Cut and glued the main helmet body on Monday night.  Finished the detail work (faceplates, side plates, etc) on Tuesday night.  Painted it on Wednesday night and wore it tot he event on Thursday.

Let me tell you it was a big hit.  The kids thought it was great.  The line of kids after the game to try on the helmet was huge.  The number of parents who commented on it was just as long.  The teachers (especially the art teacher) were all very impressed.

All in all, I think it turned out far better than I hoped for.  

The two photos I have attached are one of me in costume, prepping for the game and one with myself and my wife afterword.

Thanks for the help-Eric K

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